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For Judy's Presentations

"Judy, you give the best talks of anyone I have heard.  You are so insightful, and it all makes sense when you say it. You were terrific!"
Karen F.
Parent of children with ADD

"Your sensitive handling of the material and questions was wonderful for teachers to hear.  I think people felt that their questions were carefully and thoughtfully dealt with and you were able to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for dialogue! You are such an engaging leader, and your pool of cases and information is so rich."
Barbara S.
State Association of Independent Schools

"Thank you so much for the excellent workshop.  The participants really got a lot out of it.  You were so well organized and offered such excellent rapport with the audience."
Beth D.
President of Local Chapter of Learning Disabilities Assoc.

"I heard from many participants that they found your session on Students with AD/HD in the Classroom incredibly valuable.  I know that all those in attendance left it with something tangible to take back to their schools."
Christie A.
Director of Programs

"Excellent, knowledgeable presenter with a great sense of humor.  So much PRACTICAL information."


"I feel better prepared to handle my class in general and my suspected ADD students who are still too young to diagnose."
Maureen G.
Preschool teacher

"Excellent presentation of real "nuts and bolts" information that is clear and immediately useful."
Ken B.


For direct work with students, parents and teachers:

"My kids have done incredibly well in middle school--I'm quite sure that the time spent in your study skills classes was a key ingredient to their success!"
Parent of two middle school students

Judy Stern is an amazing resource. I could pick her brain all day."
Third grade teacher, Rockville, Maryland

"Judy's knowledge, expertise and well thought-out advice is truly exceptional. She is focused and evaluative and is able to pinpoint areas of difficulty easily from observations and teachers' information. Judy takes the "what can we do to help" approach rather than the "that's just the way the child is" approach." 
Amy K.
Middle School Teacher, Washington, D.C.

“I felt good about the direction you gave us when we were trying to figure out what our child needed and what we should do. You really helped us form a plan and sort through all the information we were hearing.” 
Claire R. , Parent
Gaithersburg, MD 

"Judy is the consummate “resource person”, accessible to students, teachers and parents alike.  Students are receptive to her positive and affirming approach, and their many successes are evidence of her skills at diagnosing their learning difficulties and then addressing them with planful and effective interventions.  In like manner, Judy is a wonderfully collaborative colleague who helps teachers identify what has or has not worked successfully in their classrooms, and supports them as they implement additional strategies to help scaffold students’ learning.  Parents find her approachable and pragmatic.  Her calm and kind manner, tinged with good humor, is supportive to parents in even the most difficult discussions."
Lynn A.
School Counselor

"As a parent, Judy was instrumental in helping us identify my son’s learning needs, and detailing and organizing the support he needed to be successful in a difficult dual language program.  I credit his success in high school to her intervention and support.  She is hardworking, dedicated and self-motivated.  She has excellent relationships with all of her colleagues and the families she works with.  Judy is a true professional in every sense."

 I just want to let you know how invaluable you have been this year to me. You helped me to understand and target C.'s academic issues and, in turn, articulate them in an organized clear manner to his parents.  Your knowledge in helping children with learning needs is so apparent in every conversation I have with you, and you have taught me so much about this area of teaching/learning.  Also, thank you so much for the support you have shown me in regard to C’s situation.  When I have been discouraged you have made effort to make sure meetings take place and things move forward.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help this year.  You are amazing! 

J.B., teacher


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