Judith Stern Educational Consultant specializing in attention and learning problems

Judith Stern, consults with parents interested in discussing

“I felt good about the direction you gave us when we were trying to figure out what our child needed and what we should do. You really helped us form a plan and sort through all the information we were hearing.” 
--Claire R.  Gaithersburg, MD

Judith Stern consults with teachers and schools on issues such as:

meeting the needs of students with special needs in the classroom

understanding the profiles of individual students with specialized learning/attention/executive function difficulties

adapting instruction and curriculum to meet the needs of a variety of students

facilitating parent-teacher meetings designed to create effective accommodations of students

one-time or ongoing professional staff training

"Judy Stern is an amazing resource. I could pick her brain all day."
K.S.,  Third grade teacher, Rockville, Maryland


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