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The Virtual Autism Summit

Join Judy Stern at the October Autism Summit online.  There will be lots of
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The Virtual Autism Summit

Judith Stern, M.A. is an educational consultant in Rockville, Maryland specializing in work with children who have attention and learning problems. She meets with parents, provides consultation and referral services to schools in Montgomery County and the Washington D.C. area, and presents in-service workshops to schools and groups of professionals. She speaks nationally to professional and parent groups on subjects such as Attention Deficit Disorder, learning problems, homework strategies, behavior management and children’s organization and study skills. She consults with parents and attorneys on educational issues related to child custody decisions.

Ms. Stern is the co-author of the best selling books Putting on the Brakes: Young People’s Guide to Understanding ADHD, which has sold over 150,000 copies and has been translated into seven languages and Many Ways to Learn: a Kid's Guide to Learning Disabilities. Ms. Stern has also published three other books for children on ADHD and Learning Disabilities, as well as magazine articles and professional book chapters. Her most recent book is The Dyslexia Checklist: A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers.

Ms. Stern’s professional background includes over 35 years of experience as a classroom teacher, a reading specialist and a learning disabilities teacher. She has taught in public and private schools. Her extensive experience in the fields of general and special education in a variety of settings contributes to a broad knowledge of issues faced by today’s students, parents and educators.

Summer and Fall Study and Organization Skills Classes

Now Forming: One week summer or fall weekend classes for children entering grades 6 -12, conveniently located for students in Montgomery County and Washington, D.C.  Register your child for a study skills class this summer. One week classes forming now. Click here for more information.



Individual reading, writing and study skills tutoring and testing for students in grades 1-12 are available during the school year and throughout the summer. 

Judith Stern, M.A. is a Maryland Certified Reading Specialist and experienced reading teacher. She also is a Maryland Certified Special Educator. She is approved to tutor students with IEP’s who attend private and parochial schools and are entitled to partial reimbursement from the public school systems. Contact Judith for more information.

Tutoring and coaching are available for students in middle school, high school and college. Online teaching and services are available.



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